Our commitment is to offer you unique and high-quality items. Based on this premise, you can  return and/or exchange any item purchased on the website ohja.com.mx for the following  reasons: 
If the item has manufacturing defects, such as a broken zipper or any hardware detail that has  come off due to handling during shipping. Detached or missing hardware, as well as broken  buckles in general bags. 
If there is a mistake in the item sent, as long as it does not show signs of damage or use. 
*Discounted orders are NOT eligible for returns. (e.g., using a discount code, special sales, etc.  meaning they are FINAL SALE) 
Here are the steps you need to follow to make a return effective: 
In the case of merchandise with defects or damage, a physical exchange of the product will be  provided if reported within the first 15 calendar days after receiving your order. In this case,  there will be no shipping cost for you, as long as it is indicated in the email sent to you, and the  report is made within the specified period. 
If you wish to exchange for a different model, the exchange will only be possible if reported  within the first 7 calendar days after product delivery. 
*Important: Model exchanges are subject to the availability of the requested model. If it is not  available, an exchange for another available model will be offered, and the customer will cover  the return shipping costs (if it does not show signs of damage or use) and the replacement. 
Generate your report by sending an email to contacto@ohja.com.mx, describing the reason for  the return/exchange, including your Order of Purchase details and the product information to be  returned (Model/Description/Color/). Similarly, it is very important to attach three photographs  
showing the current condition of the product and its packaging, or in the case of a manufacturing  error, the specific detail.
Your request will be reviewed, and if approved, you will receive an email indicating the step-by step process to follow, along with an electronic shipping guide containing the necessary details.  Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the email you will receive. *To make any exchange or  return, it is necessary for the packaging (coin, cover, scratch-map, and dust cover) and the product to be in their original condition. Otherwise, your request may be rejected. 
Once you have sent the package, please confirm via email to contacto@ohja.com.mx that it has  been delivered, and we will be on the lookout for the arrival of the merchandise. As soon as we  receive the package with the returned product, we will contact you promptly to notify the  delivery of your new product. 
IMPORTANT: In case you receive the wrong order, it will be exchanged at no cost to you, and  the established or published discount will be honored. FOR MORE INFORMATION,  CONTACT US VIA EMAIL AT contacto@ohja.com.mx 
SERVICE HOURS: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 6 pm.